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Hello Third Trimester! (Buh-Bye toes!)

Hello Third Trimester! (Buh-Bye toes!)

HOW ARE WE HERE ALREADY!? I still, to this day, laugh sometimes when I see myself in a mirror, or think about the fact that BEFORE WE KNOW IT we are going to have a little guy hanging out with us! WHAT IS GOING ON!? *insert manic laughing here* (;

But seriously. I can’t believe we are in the home stretch. The final trimester. Summer feels like it’s been here a million years, my belly feels like it’s grown a million inches, and we’re getting even more excited to meet our baby boy!


Lot’s to remember about the second trimester:

-We officially announced Baby Good’s name!!

Vernon Douglas Good (: Ah I love hearing Joel say it! We had decided on “Vernon” a while back. It’s a special name, my grandpa’s (Papa) name is Vernon, and Joel’s Grandpa’s middle name was Vernon! We told some family and friends, but ultimately waited to TELL tell people until I could tell my Papa in person (and until we could decide on a middle name haha. We were so torn between two!) I’m so glad I told him and my grandma in person, they were so happy and excited, I loved getting to see their faces in person (: AND “Douglas” is Joel’s middle name! So ultimately, a ridiculously special name for a ridiculously special little guy.


-My belly grew SO MUCH. And we feel him moving around in there A TON!

Not kidding when I said I laugh (out loud!) a lot of times when I see myself in the mirror. And the kicks and flips and what not are just absolutely hilarious. Vernon is so active in there, and it puts a smile on my face anytime I feel him. Such a fun (albeit weird!) feeling.

-the anatomy scan.

Wow I had some anxiety leading up to that. But all was well and it was so neat to see Vernon in so much DETAIL! They even sent us VIDEOS of him squirming and sucking his thumb. We got a few quick looks of him 3D which was fun, but kinda creepy haha! I swear he looked like Gollum in a few of the 3D pics! (see below for proof!)


-I miss a lot of things like….


sleeping on my stomach. (or sleeping period. laying down is just not overly comfy anymore)

getting up easily.

my second cup of coffee. or a soda. or basically drinking anything other than water.

being able to hold the urge to pee until I get home.

regular poops.

fitting into things like bras or button up shirts.

my back not hurting constantly.

Anyways, you get the idea (;

-We started seeing our midwife!

I am SO thrilled about this for many reasons that I won’t necessarily get into here (let me know if you think I should do a post about midwife care/birth center birth!) but I’ll just say: I feel so at ease with my midwife/at the birth center.

-We celebrated Joel’s 31st Birthday at a Houston Astro’s game!


Things I loved my second trimester:

-”Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth”

-the BirthHour podcast

-my apple watch (for keeping me accountable to walking everyday haha! Mine is really old, but I still love it)

-these Bose wireless headphones (2+ miles a day can get boring sometimes. Plus they’re very helpful when I want to watching my shows in bed ha)

- Hank’s Pockets for holding all the things on walks, trips to the store, plane trips, etc!

-my Birkenstocks I use as my “house shoes” (seriously the best shoes for “summer slippers”!)

-lavender essential oils, which is probably one of the only reasons I get ANY sleep. Actually, my oils in general. “Past Tense” for stress and getting myself to chill out, “On Guard” etc in the hand soap I make for our bathroom/kitchen that keeps my hands from drying out too much from washing them a million times after bathroom trips, “Purify” for our diffuser because DAMN I can’t WAIT to be able to open our windows again! And so many other ones!

-homemade trail mix.

What tips do you have for our third and final trimester!?!?!

Message/email me or leave them below!! (:

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