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30 Things on a 30-Year-Old's Bucket List

30 Things on a 30-Year-Old's Bucket List

This week I leave my 20’s behind and enter into my 30’s. Turning 30 was something I started to dread around my 26th birthday. 30 just seemed so… OLD. So BIG, grown, like I was supposed to be this certain person and be in a certain place in my life, blah blah blah. I always envisioned myself in a pool and/or spa somewhere on my 30th birthday, drinking endless margaritas and ignoring the fact that I would no longer be a 20-something. Turning 29 last year amped up my dread about the big 3-0, but then in February we found out we were pregnant. And all of a sudden it was like “My birthday? When’s that? I’ll be how old? Oh, okay.” And as the year went on, and my belly got bigger (read as “freaking huge”), it became July/August and I realized I had barely even thought about my birthday, let alone what age I was going to be. 

last’s years birthday spent at Zion National Park with my family <3

last’s years birthday spent at Zion National Park with my family <3

So, no more dread about my age. Just indifference honestly. And I feel like that’s okay. My pregnancy-brain has barely let me think of anything else anyways, especially myself. And I just assume that my mom-brain will be pretty similar. No I don’t plan on “letting myself go” or “forgetting myself entirely” when Vernon comes around, but it’s nice to know that my brain is already shifting itself to be less all-about-me. 

Anyways. Here’s to 30. The year I become a Mom. The year Joel and I’s life together changes for ever, and I’m sure a year we will never forget. Now where’s my Nothing Bundt Cake?

30 Things on the “Bucket List” of a 30-Year-Old

  1. Visit Greece (more specifically, skinny dip in a hidden cove somewhere)

  2. Eat the best pizza in the world

  3. Star gaze at Natural Bridges National Monument

  4. Take Vernon (and any future kids we may have) on an epic road trip

  5. See snow on the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

  6. Learn American Sign Language

  7. Witness the Northern Lights

  8. Stay overnight in an Igloo hotel

  9. See whales in person

  10. See sea turtles in Hawaii

  11. Kiss Joel under the Eiffel Tower

  12.  Stay overnight at a super fancy hotel with all the perks

  13.  Have a special homemade dish that my family calls “the Best Ever ….” (better start working on my cooking skills now haha)

  14.  Take our kids on some of the same adventures that Joel and I grew up doing with our families.

  15.  Go on a cruise with Joel

  16.  Take a sailboat ride in the ocean

  17.  Have a room in my house dedicated just to scrapbooking 

  18.  Attend a concert at Red Rock Park

  19.  Visit space (lol, I am kinda serious though)

  20.  Be thought of as a good friend

  21.  Kiss Joel under/in a waterfall (but just a small waterfall, I have a strong fear of drowning!)

  22.  See Joel become a dad (eeek can check this one off soon (; wahoooo)

  23.  Own my own business

  24. Take our RV out west

  25. Be known as a “regular” at a local restaurant/coffee shop/whatever 

  26. Watch my kids get married to someone that is their best friend

  27. See Joel become a Grandpa (OHMYGOSH I can’t even wrap my head around that one right now hahaha)

  28. Have a baby (anyone else put things on a list just because you know you’ll get to check them off soon? haha)

  29. Keep my house plants alive 

  30. Be Joel’s best friend for the rest of my life (: 

Hello Third Trimester! (Buh-Bye toes!)

Hello Third Trimester! (Buh-Bye toes!)