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Friday Favorites, January 2018

Friday Favorites, January 2018

Hey there!! It feels like it's been a minute since I've featured some of my current "favorite things"! I like this series because I LOVE finding new (or at least new to me) products/brands to share with you all!!! I'm one of those people who will read a TON of reviews before buying just about anything or going to any new restaurant! (anyone else!?) And I love writing reviews (leaving reviews on Google for places we've been is a favorite pass time for me haha!) so it feels very natural to me to want to share with you stuff that I'm "obsessed" with currently (: I picked just a few things for this month's Friday Favorites post, and I hope you enjoy them!!


custom stainless steel travel mug by Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar


I have totally been geeking out about having MY LOGO on a CUP!!!!! The glitter on this cup is very good quality (website states that it is sealed and that there will be NO shedding of glitter) and I'm pretty happy with the vinyl of the logo (so far) I really like my cup so far, and I would order from Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar again. However, probably not the stainless steel mug. I just feel like I've seen much better quality stainless steel cups out there (plus the lid does not have a straw hole, so I have to squeeze my normal straws through.) But the vinyl seems pretty decent and the glitter is GREAT (and that's coming from someone who does not typically do glitter!) Plus this cup is just really really cute, and making me want to put my logo on EVERYTHING!


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


Last weekend we took a quick trip to Dallas area for a wedding! While we didn't do a lot of sightseeing/adventuring, we DID stop by one of two Sprinkles Cupcakes in the area!! This was my third time having Sprinkles Cupcakes, and second time using the cupcake ATM. Sprinkles Cupcakes are ridiculously yummy, but this particular time we tried a banana cupcake and it MAY have just been the best cupcake we have ever eaten!!! (YES, possibly even better than our cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery two Decembers ago in Waco! SHOCKING, I KNOW.) If you ever find yourself near one of Sprinkles' 18 locations across the US, do yourself a favor and GO GET YOU SOME CUPCAKES! Bonus points if you're near a location with an ATM! It's ultimately a cupcake vending machine, but still very fun to use! 


flannel bed sheets and memory foam mattress topper from Target

A couple weeks ago, after several MONTHS debating on wether to get a memory foam mattress or just a topper, I got tired of trying to decide, and got this memory foam topper. Oh gosh it's amazing. Our sleep has already improved, and I look forward to going to sleep EVERY night!! I also decided to treat us to these super cute flannel sheets. They're soft and warm, but not TOO warm! 

I like this mattress topper for our RV for several reasons. One of the biggest worries of mine about getting an actual memory foam mattress, was that I had read (on the RV Facebook groups I'm in) that a lot of people have had issues with mold under their memory foam mattress (due to lack of air circulation and high moisture that is common in RVs) So by going with the topper, I worry a lot less about moisture problems underneath it, and this one is also supposed to be able to allow air flow through it. This particular mattress topper came with a cover which is fairly easy to take on and off to wash (definitely easiest with two people though!) and is thin enough to wash in a regular washer machine. We love this mattress topper, and will probably never have a bed without a topper (if it's not already a memory foam mattress) This is literally our favorite purchase for our RV! (Is this a sign we're getting old?)


wireless computer mouse


I feel like I just stepped out of the dark ages with this one... Was I the last person to just keep using my laptop's mouse pad? Anyways, what's there to say about it? It's a wireless mouse, it's ridiculously convenient, easy to use, and you need one if you own a laptop. (Mine is cute and from Walmart. I have seen it ((and other animal designs)) at Walmart stores, but I couldn't find it online! It's also available at Amazon HERE in many different designs.)


*Unless otherwise stated, I do not receive free product or any other kind of perks for my honest opinion about the featured brands/products! You can rest assured that my opinion is 100% truthful and my own no matter what!*


** If you have any specific questions about any of the brands/products I feature here,

please feel free to contact me!**

January 2018 Guest Post: Ashley from Gatsby & Ink

January 2018 Guest Post: Ashley from Gatsby & Ink

Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX