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Friday Favorites, January: Dog Edition

Friday Favorites, January: Dog Edition

This week really got away from me... I had this awesome meal plan all made out, with these really yummy crockpot recipes I was going to test out and feature here in a "Friday Favorites" crockpot-edition...

But I have literally talked myself out of going to the "nice grocery" store for vegetables every single day this week... (it's within walking distance, don't judge me) SO, easy meals everyday this week left me with no "Friday Favorites" for this last Friday in January. Which led to this:


Friday Favorites,


My 5 Favorite Things About Dogs 

and why I like dogs>most people...


This week we celebrated my youngest's third birthday. Mushu the corgi was born three years ago this week, a small, runt of a corgi that grew into the little rascal/demon dog that we know and love today. He really is a sweet dog (to me, not usually to anyone else) and between him and his older brother Jake (my almost 4 year old (dog)) I have all the company I could ever need during the day while their dad (their human-dad) is at work. But Mushu's birthday made me all sappy feeling and thinking about when he was a baby and it was just the two of us. Which led to thinking about how, during the day, it's still just the three of us, and that led me to think about how most weeks I spend more time with my dogs than any other human. And that I talk to them (in person/dog...?) more than any other human. Which then made me think that maybe I need to start volunteering somewhere during the week to keep my sanity... but that's not what this post is about.

Happy birthday, Mushu!! 

Happy birthday, Mushu!! 


I'm a self-proclaimed crazy-dog-lady. If I had a big house with an even bigger yard, I would have about 20 dogs. All of which would sleep in the same bed as me and follow me around to look at me lovingly all day. But we travel with only things that fit in our vehicle, and often live in apartments, so that's not my life (yet). But I love on every dog I lay my eyes on. I'm the person with my face pressed up against the window of our Escape, cooing and waving at the dog in Your car. I find dogs at parties (the 3 a year I go to) and at parks, walking down the street... you get the point. I will go out of my way to pet a dog I see, and call all dogs "puppy" no matter how old they are.

 Dogs are just so NICE! I was recently screamed at by a woman when I brought her dog back to her house, after rescuing it from a busy street. (Her exact words were "What the hell am I supposed to do about the dog if he runs out the front door when I open it and I'm naked"................) And also recently, I was told by someone who has never even met me (or my dogs) that I was not a responsible pet owner... And the interactions go on and on that make me a firm believer that dogs>people.

SO. If you're still reading you're probably a crazy-dog-person also, and will appreciate the points I make below, affirming my very strong belief that dogs are nicer than (most) people.


1) Dogs are the perfect friend.

BECAUSE: -They never argue with you (that they don't want to watch The Office AGAIN, or that you've had too much wine, or that you spent "walk time" doing other things like "nap time" or "cuddle time" or "snack time")  -They're ALWAYS happy to see you! (I can leave them alone for 1 hour, or 5 hours, doesn't matter. They are ECSTATIC when I walk through the door.) -They don't need you to "listen" to them. (Ever tried telling a human-friend about your shitty day, then immediately regretted it because you realized now you have to listen to THEIR shitty day? That doesn't happen with dogs! Either dogs never have a bad day, or they don't care about their bad day once you're home. Either way, win-win for you.)

2) They are SELFLESS all.of.the.time. 

My dogs literally get mad at me, but then "apologize" to me two minutes later. I accept your apology of puppy kisses and cuteness every time, doggies. They also follow me around everywhere I go being cute and loving and caring.  Doesn't matter where I go, bathroom, kitchen, to the mailbox, through fiery lava, they're there, trying to give me kisses and/or giving me a "dog hug" (which I read on the internet is when dogs stand next to you and lean on you. And if it's on the internet, it's obviously 100% true) No friend I've ever had has even tried to be that nice to me!

3) Dogs don't judge you for...

-your political views. (or lack of)

-not washing your hair for days on end.

-using the bathroom with the door open (try doing that in public. People are SO judgmental!)

-posting 5 million photos of dogs (them) on social media.

-talking to animals (As long as it's them. If they see me talking to a cat, that's a whole different story. But I would never talk to a cat. I'm not crazy!)

-not knowing when the last time you wore "real clothes".

-singing to songs you don't know the "real words" to.

4) Cute dogs are GREAT at helping you make new friends!

Well, I would just assume this. My dogs have been good conversation starters for sure. They've broken the ice with people at parks and on the good ole Instagram.... Not made any "friends" yet though. But that could be my awkward-self's fault, not theirs.... 

5) Dogs are adorable/hilarious without even trying.

Ever seen a dog video/picture that didn't make you say "aw", laugh out loud, or at the very least smile?? Me neither. But I have seen MANY videos of humans that did not give me any of those before mentioned emotions. 

Humans try WAY too hard! And they're extremists. Dogs are 100% themselves all of the time, and they could give zero craps what you think about it. My dogs sniff their own butts after they poo, Jake has (on multiple occasions) peed on Mushu because he was in the way, and they could be completely passed out but as soon as I get on a work phone call they decide to start a Puppy-Fight-Club at my feet. They.Don't.Care. what I think, or what any other person/dog/cat/lizard/etc thinks. And if humans were just themselves a little more, maybe they would be more likable. Just a thought! 

Lastly, the only bad thing about dogs that I can think of is... that I can't tag them in hilarious videos on the internet. Because I'm sure they would find them as funny as I do (we share a very similar sense of humor) ... Come to think of it, I bet my husband wishes I could tag our dogs in videos instead of him, too (;


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Feel free to send a pic of your fur-children my way! 



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