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Friday Favorites, December 2016

Friday Favorites, December 2016

I am just blown away that today is the LAST Friday of 2016!!

2016 has been a whirlwind of happenings! So many wonderful, amazing things have happened this year, but some bummers too. Looking back at the year, it's definitely been a hard one at times, but so amazing at the same time. I love this time of year, getting to look back at everything and reflect, learn, and remember all of the cherished moments from the year that will be ones to look back on for a long time to come. 

This year has been filled with hard times, sad feelings, and even some let downs. BUT more importantly, it's been filled with happiness, love, pool parties, being tagged in a million corgi videos, adventures, yummy wine, friends and family, and so many puppy snuggles. I hope that the end of 2016 gets you thinking more of all of the quiet, happy moments you shared this year, the love you had, the people who made you smile, and less about any bummers from the year. It's easy to get caught up in the things that didn't go your way or that let you down. So make the effort this year to be thankful for the positive things that came from 2016, to forgive the people that made you feel sad, and to be hopeful for the new year. 

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve,

and I hope 2017 is everything you are hoping for (: 



(in some-what chronological order)


-Joel and I met the Eli Young Band!



(and was deliriously happy about it, obviously!)


-Three of my favorite people came to visit me in TX!


-We lived in the CUTEST, tiny, Texas cottage,

with the BEST neighbors ever! 


-Tour of the Dublin Bottling Works in Dublin, TX! 


-My trip to Washington D.C. with my family! 


-We gained another niece! 


-Joel and I realized we started dating exactly

10 years ago!!! 

making this photo circa 2006

(talk about making me feel old as dirt...)


-Visiting Magnolia Market several times!

(Christmas at the Silos was my favorite visit!)


-I met a giraffe at the coolest drive-through-zoo ever!



-Joel's 28th birthday celebration weekend with an awesome friend!


-Slip-n-slide and sleepover with a bunch of our nieces and nephews!

(this is only PART of the crew!)



-Working security at the RNC in Cleveland, OH!


-I tried kayaking for the first time! 


-I rescued a tiny kitten and found it a loving home!



-I talked my mom into getting (semi-matching) tattoos! 

("W.W.N.D. = "What Would Nana Do")


-We saw Chris Stapleton live and it was AMAZING!!



-My friend Marion turned 90 years old! 



-My little sister got married! 


-Two of my best friends had perfect little babies! 


-I started my blog!


-I got Joel to wear coordinating Halloween costumes! (BAZINGA!)



-Our weekend in Terelingua, TX in the earthbag house! 



-My baby brother got engaged! 


-Our Christmas in Dallas weekend with my Dad and Step-mom! 


-Joel and I's very first Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T stadium! 


As you can see, 2016 has been pretty freaking fantastic. 


I've never been huge on "new year resolutions" but I do enjoy a good goal to work towards, so this year I came up with just a few things I'd like to see happen in 2017:

  1. read more

  2. be more intentionally active

  3. eat at home more

  4. get back to eating healthier during the week consistently

  5. not be so hard on myself








A Visit From Ohio

A Visit From Ohio

Christmas in Dallas

Christmas in Dallas