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Friday Favorites, October 2017

Friday Favorites, October 2017

Friday Favorites!! Wahoo!!!! It's been a few months since I've done Friday Favorites!!! So I'm extra excited to share a few of the things I've been obsessing over lately! RV living really makes you consider each thing you bring into your little home (on wheels) because the space is pretty limited. Honestly though, ( and I've said this before...) but Joel and I started out feeling a little spoiled with the RV living space-situation, because before we were just traveling with the stuff that would fit in and on top of our Escape!! Which usually ended up being mostly clothes (mine), shoes (also mine) kitchen ware (gotta have our own cups and silverware!) and dog stuff! haha! So seriously, when we first came home to all of our "packed away stuff" after getting the RV, I had SO MUCH FUN going through it (specifically my kitchen stuff) and getting to bring with us so much more of our everyday use stuff. For instance, I can now travel with and use my GRIDDLE! And my large CROCK POT! GAH! ( cue the heart eyes here because seriously, this all made me way more happy than I ever thought it would!) 

Okay enough about my kitchen stuff, on to the GOOD stuff! Happy Friday, Peeps!


Friday Favorites, October 2017


This sweet record player and our growing record collection


So Joel got me a record player for my birthday in September!!! I have wanted a record player for a long time, but our living situation never really allowed for the traveling room of a record player and the records to go along with it... UNTIL NOW!!!! 

Joel originally got me THIS Crosley piece of junk (I do not say that lightly, people) from an FYE store in Columbus (because that's where we were the week before my bday) and I really just need to share with you my experience with these two companies for a sec. To start off, the turntable did not work (at all) from the moment we plugged it in. Which was a complete bummer because it was my birthday, and I was spending all day by myself (we had just moved to Tyler), and now I couldn't even use my birthday present. I did some troubleshooting online and with the manual, but nothing would make this thing work. The closest FYE store was almost 2 hours away, so I called Crosley to see if they could help. After a very long, annoying, and mentally painful conversation with a customer service person, I was left with the options to keep it (wtf?) or mail it in to see if they could fix it (WTF?!?! IT'S BRAND NEW) (BTW would take 5-6 weeks...) and if they couldn't, they'd send me a new one. I was infuriated, so decided to contact FYE to make sure I could return this piece of crap for a full refund. I won't get into it here, but FYE just about made my brain explode, so I finally called the actual store in Columbus. I explained to the manager what was going on, and that we were no longer in Cbus, etc etc, and he assured me we could return it to any FYE store for a full refund. (at this point I had already ordered a different ((and cheaper)) one from Amazon) Fast forward to the weekend, we DRIVE THE TWO HOURS to return this nightmare, and the manager refuses to issue my refund................................................... I kept my calm (for the most part..) but finally, after my absolute refusal to take store credit (I DON'T WANT TO SHOP AT YOUR AWFUL STORE, YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT), or another Crosley (are you joking me?!), and he even CALLED the manager in Cbus that I spoke to (OHMYGOSH STEAM COMING FROM MY EARS) we received a full refund. I'm simply sharing this to inform the public to: 1) DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on Crosley turntables, no matter how cool they look. And 2) Don't purchase anything at FYE that you might have to return ever. 

ANYWHO! Two days after my birthday, my new, working, wonderful record player arrived and we jammed out to all of the records my awesome husband got for me! (mostly Rod Stewart heehee) We've been having a lot of fun going to record stores to find treasures to add to our collection. I even found a few Christmas ones already! EEK! (Next week starts Christmas music season! YAY!)



Jumbo Dominoes Set


My mom got us this Jumbo Dominoes  Set for our anniversary and we LOVE it! It came in a really nice little storage bag, they're super lightweight which is great for RV-storage, and they're just really fun! Joel's parents got us playing dominoes a few years ago, and we've had our own (small table) set for a while now, so this outdoor set is really fun to have!! Thanks again, mom! (: 

(find this set HERE at Kohl's. It's on clearance, AND right now you can take an additional 20% off so it ends up being only $15.99!! GREAT gift for someone that likes to play games!)


Lava Essentials


I've followed Lava Essentials on Instagram ( @lavaessentials ) for a while now, admiring their diffuser jewelry! It just so happened that I received some birthday money in the mail the same day they were having a sale! It was perfect timing because I was running out of room in my current oils case, and LOVED this black case from their shop! I also purchased these two adorable pins! If you love essential oils, you need to follow them and check out their shop!! (Some of their jewelry MIGHT even be featured on my upcoming "Wish List" next month!) 


P.S. I LOVE what the husband and wife have to say on their "Who We Are" page. So many start out their oily journey skeptical, and I love hearing how people started out that way, but have had their lives completely changed by essential oils!! If you ever have any questions about oils, please reach out to me! I'm no expert, but if I don't know the answer to your question (or can't find it on my own!) I will find SOMEONE that can answer your question for us! 




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