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RV-Reno Part 2

RV-Reno Part 2

We have been living in our little RV for about 6 months now!!!! I wanted to share with you a little more about how we have made our motorhome feel like "home"! Moving several times a year with only a car-load of our stuff, I got pretty good at making where ever we happened to be home-y. With either whatever we traveled with, or on the cheap! BUT this RV was a game changer. It's been SO FUN having our little first home to change and make it a home. 

We did the majority of our "renovation" type stuff (the BIG stuff!) over the summer, and you can read more about that in the "RV-Reno Part 1" post from July. It talks about the main parts of our RV-Reno like the painting and flooring. Just those two things in particular COMPLETELY changed the look of our RV, and made it feel more like a "home-on-wheels" versus a motorhome.

Since then we have done a few small things (and finished a few projects we opted to put off for a while) and I'm REALLY happy with how everything is coming along!! As of now, the only part of our home that I feel like I've totally neglected is the bathroom... I have some IDEAS of what I want to do, but so far that's as far as I've gotten (and honestly I'm okay with that haha. Projects are exhausting sometimes) 

Check out what the RV looks like now below!!

Let us know what you think in the comments!!

Have a great day! 

  • accent wall/headboard wall in bedroom

Let me preface this part by saying that I really had no plans on doing this wall anytime soon. I was still REALLY undecided about what I wanted to do here, in part because I wanted to do some kind of wood/shiplap wall to double as a "headboard" of sorts, but because of trying to keep things light weight, and not knowing how I would even mount wood on this wall, I just figured I'd wait and I would probably happen upon a really great idea for it (on Pinterest or something)

BUT THEN I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, wondering around (I was totally blissed out because they had put out the Christmas stuff and I spent a while meandering through those aisles aimlessly...) and turned the corner to find these on an end cap. I literally GASPED out loud because they were SO freaking perfect for this project!!!!!!! These vinyl "panels" also came in a white distressed wood look, and a brick look, but because everything else is white, and I wasn't feeling the brick, I went with these wood ones. And it was really my lucky day, because they were 50% OFF THAT DAY! I made Joel help me put up a few panels that night, and we waited a few days to see how they held. All looked good, so that weekend we finished off the whole wall! 

I LOVE how this turned out!!! It looks really good, and kind of changed the whole feel to the room! Our bedroom is the only room that I can decorate "rustic-y" (according to Joel) so I was even more pleased that these were a little on the rustic-y-feel side. 

Anyways, they were super easy to put up, and according to the box they are easily removed (we took a few pieces off as we were finishing the wall, that weren't straight etc, and they did in fact come off pretty easily, with no tearing at the wall. BUT this wall isn't dry wall, so I'd test it out before you did a whole wall of these in your home/apartment. I would recommend doing this project with some help (extra set of hands and eyes were helpful) and maybe with a level if you're doing a large area. We eye-balled it because it was a small area, plus nothing in this RV was built straight or level, so we just did the best we could. Like I said, I think it turned out GREAT and so far, we've had no peeling, bubbling, or other issues, even through some pretty chilly weather. 

Find the wood panels HERE

If you can't tell by the wrinkly duvet cover, the bed was made SPECIFICALLY for this photo haha! 

If you can't tell by the wrinkly duvet cover, the bed was made SPECIFICALLY for this photo haha! 

  • entrance stairs


Another project we put off because it wasn't a necessity to live here comfortably. When we bought George, the sides of these stairs were covered in CARPET (oh the horror!) And the carpet was promptly removed as soon as possible. Kind of funny though because the carpet was GLUED to the stairs (double awful) and was a pain in my butt to try to get all of the glue off (I actually did not successfully remove all of the glue...) and finally had Joel paint it white just so it wasn't a complete eye sore until we got to our project. 

This was my mom's idea (good job, mom!) and it turned out really nice!! It's not 100% done (I'd like to add about 1.5 more I think, eventually when we find the right ones) but for now I think it's awesome! Two of the Ohio license plates my papa gave to me, and I love having them there!  We just used really short screws to drilled them right into the wooden sides of the stairs (we checked below to make sure there was nothing around we could accidentally drill through.)

I guess I didn't take a "before" photo specifically of the stairway before I ripped off the carpet. But you can kind of see the carpet in these two photos.

  • kitchen backsplash

This one did not turn out as nice as I had envisioned, but we both agreed that it was nice enough to leave up for however long these fake tiles lasted, so here they are! We bought these stick-on tiles from Amazon (find them HERE), and it took two sets to finish the area we did. I do think it looks nice, it just looks a little janky if you look too close (my fault!) and the trim (that I picked out...) isn't the nicest looking either. But like I said, it looks alright and I like how it adds a little bit of different texture to the kitchen. The trim is just plain, white trim from Home Depot, Joel used liquid nail to adhere it to the wall. 

Honestly if we did this wall again, I'd probably go with the peel and stick tiles from Menard's. I saw them in person and, even though they were a little more expensive, they looked like real tile and were pretty nice. 

  • gallery wall

I've really loved putting this gallery wall together! I had originally planned on putting a large U.S. map here, but when I couldn't find exactly what I had in my head, I started putting stuff up "temporarily" and then decided that I liked this a lot so it was going to stay! All of the pieces so far on the wall are from a small shop or are just special! I'm on the search for a small "G" and maybe one or two more small pieces for the left side. Not sure what just yet, but I figure when I see it, I'll know it's perfect for our wall (: 


-state of Ohio sting art by Designs Entwined  (an Ohio based maker!)

-galvanized envelope Joel gave me for my birthday (LETTERS from a Good friend, get it?) (found at Target, but they don't have it anymore)

-license plate 9-20-14 was made by my mom and step-dad for our anniversary!

-state of Texas we picked up at my favorite gas station, Bucc-ee's, and is handmade in TX

-calendar is the Good family calendar made by my sister in law (Shutterfly)

-"Love You More" galvanized sign my mom gave me for my bday 

-the arrow is from a small shop in Plain City, OH, Willow & Twine

  • other decor stuff

-I had the sweet Meg at Rustics by Design (another Ohio maker!) make this custom little sign that fits perfectly in this weird little nook! She even recreated George for it! I'm totally obsessed with this little sign!


-And I finally got to frame and hang two of our wedding photos!! (Only took me three years to get to do that! HAHA!) So this wall in our bedroom is finished. Still not sure what I want to do on the other wall. (frames are from Hobby Lobby, custom sign in the middle was a wedding gift from a really awesome friend)


-I have wanted a letter board for a while, and when I saw this one at Walmart recently for like $10, I snatched it up! We've enjoyed taking turns changing the message the past few weeks (:


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