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Friday Favorites, November 2017: Dear Santa

Friday Favorites, November 2017: Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I'm a little in disbelief that Christmas is so near! Please find my list below, because as you know I was very well behaved this year! I had a lot of opportunities to be sassy, but restrained myself (almost) every time! Joel and the dogs were well taken care of, the house stayed (pretty) clean, and I've even started my Christmas shopping already! Thanks, big guy!


  • a bag from R.Riveter (which employs military spouses all over the country!)

Grant Tote


(do you know what show I'm referring to!?)

  • spoon rest from the Hearth & Hand collection with Magnolia
  • this iPad case (which we got for my mom as a gift, and it's way better than the one I've had for the past five years haha!)
  • an ice machine, because I'm TIRED of living my life without ice!
  • a custom bar necklace

(like this wood one from Tiny Lumber or this silver one from Geosupply Co)


(I'm thinking "dog mom" or some other cool design! She has some really cute design ideas around her shop!)

  • vinyl records like these
Gift Guide 2017

Gift Guide 2017

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