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the busy life of the Goods

the busy life of the Goods

WOAH it's been a minute guys!!! I've really missed being on here regularly and sharing with you what we have been up to!! The past few months just got way too busy, and between that and having BOTH of our computers CRASH (within about a week of each other) it's been hard to get any computer time! BUT I'M BACK!! I have some fun stuff coming up soon such as: RV RENO Update, a women's bible review, my Dear Santa wish list, and even the 2017 GIFT GUIDE!!! 

So if you've been wondering what in the world we have been up to, I'll let ya know! Right before my birthday (and my last post) we moved to Tyler, TX! I turned 28 (yikes) and we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! We have been really enjoying this area of Texas and finding our new "favorite" spots! HOWEVER the weather has been a little on the hot (and HUMID) side and we have been longing for it to cool down and actually feel like fall. We've had a few nice "fall-like" days and even got to enjoy one such day on the day we went to the pumpkin "patch" (I use quotations there because this was not the same kind of "patch" our Ohio friends would be used to. It was essentially a field that may have grown a FEW pumpkins, but was mostly pumpkins that had been brought in and placed there! WHAT!?)

The last weekend of September/first weekend of October we made a CRAZY QUICK trip home (roughly 60ish hours maybe, plus about 30 hours of driving) to attend Joel's dad's LAST time preaching at our hometown church as the head pastor. He had been the head pastor for 37 YEARS!!! It was so great to get to be there for such a milestone in Joel's parents' lives! It just so happened that the same weekend was also the weekend my baby brother got MARRIED!! We totally lucked into both events being on the same weekend and were so happy to be a part of both. It was a whirlwind, emotional weekend home full of family, love, and life changing events! We are so happy for my brother and new sister in law as they begin their lives as a MARRIED COUPLE, and Joel's parents as they start on their new journey as a RETIRED COUPLE

Since then, we've just been settling in here near Tyler, Texas, enjoying local events and trying to get into a "routine" here. I've been struggling with the amount of (and size of) spiders that have been appearing around our RV park and near our RV, and also am pretty sure I'm allergic to fire ants. Joel has been enjoying his current placement, but we are already half way through his assignment!! It's just nuts how fast time flies sometimes. Jake has recovered from his "dog cold" which he decided to come down with on our trip home, and Mushu got a hair cut! We have done a few some things in the RV (mostly decor-type stuff) and I can't wait to show you pics of that! (if you follow me on Instagram you MIGHT have seen some sneak peeks!) I also FINALLY got a new phone, and am OBSESSED with my iPhone 8 plus!! The photos this things takes are just phenomenal!!!!

I also became a dōTERRA wellness advocate and have been researching, studying, and experimenting with oils as much as I can! I've been using oils for about two-ish years and the more I use them (and see their organic, healthy benefits with my own eyes!) the more I absolutely love them! If you are interested in learning about oils, and/or are curious about what you could try out in your every-day-life, EMAIL ME at lettersfromagoodfriend@gmail.com ! I'm always up for sharing what I've learned, or diving into the doTERRA world to learn more for you! 

So that's what we've been up to! Just busy busy! We all have those busy seasons in our lives, and sometimes I think I don't even realize we're in one of those seasons until afterwards when I'm trying to catch my breath from it all!  Enjoy some pics below of the past month or so, and I'll see ya next week!! 


Two of our favorite places in Tyler, TX so far.

This phone takes CRAZY GOOD pics!!

Mushu got a new bed and a haircut! Wahoo! 


I love this painting someone made for Joel's parents' retirement! 


the newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Wells! 

My brother and his wife had a small, intimate ceremony at the Spaghetti Warehouse! The very first time they met was at a Spaghetti Warehouse! So sweet!

Fun fact: Joel and I's first date was at Spaghetti Warehouse over 11 years ago

(this very one, actually!) 

"Vine-Day" at a local winery and a visit to the pumpkin patch! Boy did Joel grow a lot this year! (;

Friday Favorites, October 2017

Friday Favorites, October 2017

new RV park, who dis? (and a Sunshine Blogger Award!)

new RV park, who dis? (and a Sunshine Blogger Award!)