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Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped in. Follow along for stories from a wine and pizza loving dog mom about this beautiful, crazy, messy life we live!

Hello, it's me

Hello, it's me

This blog is just a little way for me to keep in touch with family and friends, hopefully maybe even make some new friends, have a creative outlet for myself where ever we may go, and share with you all of our adventures! And maybe keep me from talking Joel's ear off EVERYday (; Earlier this year when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog, Joel and I were talking about what the blog would mean to me. He was proof-reading some blog posts I had already been working on and he commented that I write just how I talk. And I said back to him "Well, I want my blog to read like my audience is reading a letter from their friend!" And it hit me! So when you are reading my blog, I hope you feel as if we are sipping some wine, playing with a few dogs, and chit chatting about whatever is going on in our lives (: Oh and snacks should be involved obviously, so go get yourself some Flamin' Hot Cheetos!  I'm so excited you're here! 

HEY! I’m Alix Good! I’m from SmallTown Ohio, born and raised! That same SmallTown is where my husband and I met (and grew up, survived those angsty teenage years, and graduated highschool together!) And seven years later we got married! Ah! Mr. Good is a traveling physical therapist assistant. We travel the US, with our two fur-children, on travel work assignments. I get to work from home for my family’s business. During our short time doing this traveling gig, I have definitely had to become more flexible, patient, spur-of-the-moment, and more of a minimalist! We live out of a few totes with necessities, and a few things I bring along to make wherever we are feel more like home. Okay, and I won’t lie, our Escape is mostly stuffed with clothes (:

Mr. Good and I our Senior year of high school <3

Mr. Good and I our Senior year of high school <3

photo by: KariMe Photography&nbsp;

Here are just a few things about me that you may or may not know:



Yes, I’m THAT crazy dog lady. 

I'm the lady you see with dog hair on her clothes (somewhere, no matter how many times I lint roll), a camera roll full of puppy pics, and a constant stream of puppy videos and photos on my Insta-story and/or Snapchat. I'm the one that says "I'm sorry I can't hang out, I already told my dogs we would cuddle and watch Netflix that night!" I really don't have any shame about it either. 

Mushu the corgi   &nbsp;  (if you know what movie   his name is from,&nbsp;  I love you!)

Mushu the corgi  (if you know what movie his name is from, I love you!)

My little nugget!&nbsp;

My little nugget! 

&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;  Jake the 75 lb lap dog

    Jake the 75 lb lap dog

He loves to swim!&nbsp;

He loves to swim! 

      If I could, I would eat pizza every.day.of.my.life.

Mmmmmm, camp-pizza.

Mmmmmm, camp-pizza.

And wine. Just wine. 

If you can't tell, I like drinking wine near water... 

Besides food and my dogs, I love making things (Pinterest is my jam), spending time with my family and friends, I love meeting new people although I’m extremely timid and shy about it, and I love love love to talk. Like, talk your ear right off your head.

My personal life goal is to be happy. I am a FIRM believer in doing what makes you happy, whatever that may be. Life is so crazy, scary, and a pain in the booty sometimes, but I believe that through it all, you can still choose to live a happy life. However, let me go on record saying that I am not always happy. Life, marriage, adulthood is HARD. But I am constantly telling myself “Keep your head up, yo.” and move on. (and I TRY to move on (: way easier than it sounds sometimes.)


Life is too short to be unhappy, guys!

And that’s me! Well, part of me. And this is my blog! If you made it this far in my very first post, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!! If I had to pick a blog-goal, it would probably be to just share my real-life with you, and through that let you know that you are imperfectly wonderful, just like me! I hope to learn about myself and life through this blog, and hopefully even learn some things about you, too! I hope that you will come back for my next post. I have plans some BIG plans for this LITTLE blog and I'm so excited to share with you all (:  So be on the lookout for future posts about food, style, traveling, crafting and life in general. Thank you again for reading my very first post, I already LOVE YOU!!!! (:






The Goods in MD

The Goods in MD