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What's up, 2018!?

What's up, 2018!?

Are you big on New Years Resolutions? We are NOT. But, I still think it's important to establish "goals" and have some kind of idea what we want our year to look like. Obviously with the lifestyle we currently have, shit changes FAST. I'm talking, instantly. And a lot of times it is NOT how or when we planned things to happen. But there are still things in our lives we can control, and I think it's especially good for us to control what we can in this fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants lifestyle we have (:


After reading my friend Dedra's New Years post (over at Dedra Davis Writes) I really latched on to what she said about making quarterly goals for herself in hopes that it would help her to achieve said goals. (she had a lot of other awesome stuff to say, so be sure to check her blog out!) It made me think of when I was (briefly) a teacher, we as educators talked a lot about what it looked like to set our students up for success, versus setting them up for failure. Which makes total and absolute sense once you think about that, right? Well duh, it can be applied to a lot of different things, personal goals included!

So with that being said, Joel and I chatted this week about some goals we wanted to make for "this assignment" (which if all goes according to plan ((hahhahahaa)) should be around 3 months-ish) We set  a few individual goals, and some goals together. I then of course wrote them on cute index cards and hung them where we would see them everyday, to remind ourselves to get on it. I like that these goals 1) are reasonable and easily done in our time frame 2) are things that we want to do anyways but maybe just don't think about everyday 3) can be adjusted or expanded on when said time frame is up 4) are on a shorter time frame, so shouldn't be put off 5) still are things that will improve our lives/well beings. 

So to make them REAL PERMANENT, I'm going to let you guys in on our goals for this "quarter" (: Yes they're pretty simple goals, but yes they will also be beneficial. We're setting ourselves up for success, which hopefully will set us up to make even better goals next quarter and be excited to achieve them.


2018 January-March (ish) Goals


Joel + Alix Goals

  • establish a realistic budget/stick to said budget
  • turn back on automatic deposits to all savings accounts
  • read at least one book each month
  • get back into Bible-reading habit
  • make at least one large payment on our car

Alix personal goals

  • finish painting in RV
  • blog once a week
  • establish a daily (loose) routine for work/blogging/house stuff
  • read more blogs/find more blogs to follow

Check them out below, and if you want to make your goals permanent this year, or just want to share them so maybe I can steal them for myself sometime this year (; share them in the comments! I hope you all had a fantastic first week of this new year!!!

Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX

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