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2018 Favorite Moments

2018 Favorite Moments

Everyone says it, but I really can’t believe that 2019 is almost here.

What to say about 2018… 2018 was spent going on many adventures as usual, lots of dog snuggles, and decision making. It was filled with love, laughter, growing. It was also filled with heartache, fear, and sadness. I feel like there hasn’t been a year that I can recall that has been “easy”, for lack of a better word. There’s always just “something”, isn’t there? Things are never “perfect” or go exactly as planned. But no matter the life you live, that’s just LIFE.

This year, specifically the last 6 months or so, has been especially hard for my family. I haven’t shared about it on here, nor will I, because it’s not mine to share. But life, the world it feels like, has knocked us down and has been slowly dragging us along, helplessly. Hard times are weird, and it’s so true that they show you who really matters in your life. Luckily hard times are just a season, a season that once it runs it’s course (however long that may be), will hopefully, eventually, become a distant memory, a nightmare maybe, but a memory nonetheless. A season that will come and go, even though a lot of that season is spent in the dark wondering where the light at the end of the tunnel went. Some seasons in life are just spent that way, with your head down, waiting for it to end, praying for the best outcome. This is one of those seasons for us. It’s definitely one of the hardest seasons we’ve been through in a long time. I feel a lot of things about this season, but mainly fear and anger. Not a good combo, but there it is. But what I’m trying to get at though is this: if you’re going through a season like that yourself, I see you. I feel you. I get it. And while in this breath I ask for your prayers for my family, in the next I’m telling you that if you yourself need prayers, good vibes, an ear, whatever; I’m here.

Incredibly, despite the season we are in the midst of, Joel and I really have been so blessed by so many opportunities, experiences, and people this year. Even in weird, crappy seasons, life continues on per usual, doesn’t it? Love continues to grow, families continue to hold up each other, new lives begin, experiences change your life, and friendships are made. We’ve had all of that and more this year, and I think experiencing so much in those unpleasant seasons of your life make you appreciate and acknowledge the good parts that much more. I’ve noticed myself soaking in moments more as they happen. I’ve felt my heart ache and be filled up all in the same day, and I’ve laughed till it hurts and cried myself stupid all in the same day as well. Life is so funny like that, it just keeps hurtling onward, and you’re just supposed to hang on for the ride.

My hope for you in 2019 is that it is (or at least becomes) a happy season of life for you. One that you can look back on later and exclaim “DAMN that was a great year!” My hope for you is that you continue to soak in the special moments, and that you realize those special moments as they are happening instead of later. As Andy Bernard once said “I wish there was a way to know you're in "the good old days", before you've actually left them.” I’m here to tell you: YOU’RE IN THEM. Good season or bad season, these are the good old days. One day you’ll look back on 2019, this particular season in your life. You’ll look back and you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember exactly how specific moments in that season made you feel, and you’ll be so grateful for it all. Because each season shapes and molds us into our future selves. And I’m determined that my future self will be even stronger, happier, and fiercer than my 2018 self. I hope you feel that way, too.

2018 Favorite Moments:


-we had visitors from Ohio


-attended the beautiful wedding of Joel’s cousin


-I met an internet friend in person!


-lots of walks at Lake Livingston State Park


-saw a weird movie at a super swanky movie theater in Houston


-I attended my first blogger conference (Thrive) in Austin, TX

It was absolutely incredible, inspiring, and I learned so much! (And made new friends!!!)


-Mushu and I spent a week with my sweet friend and her even sweeter babe

-visited Nasa Space Center in Houston

-we ate lots of fresh strawberries from our neighbor’s garden


-Tacos & Margarita Festival in Spring, TX

-my beautiful sister’s baby shower

-we found our favorite place in all of Livingston: the Bull Shake!


-Jake & Mushu enjoyed lots of pool time this summer


-Jake got his first girlfriend, Olive, who he annoys on a daily basis


-Jake turned 5 (cue mom tears)


-we celebrated Joel’s 30th birthday adventuring in Houston


-we got to spend time with our favorite Floridian

-we gained our first niece on my side!!


-I spent a fun evening with almost all of the ladies of the Good family.


-we adventured in Galveston, TX for a weekend


-we did the KETO diet for 5 weeks and lost a bunch of weight


-I got my first pair of Chacos, and wear them EVERYWHERE

-we vacationed with my family for my Mom’s 50th Birthday, doing all KINDS of amazing things like:

  • Zion National Park

  • Bryce Canyon National Park

  • ATVing & boating

  • eating all the amazing food

  • celebrated my last birthday of my 20’s

  • Vegas, baby!


-my friend Emily visited TX and we spent a weekend in Austin


-I got to be a brand rep for an awesome small shop here in TX, Texas Sweet Tees!


-we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant a LOT


-I got to see one of my oldest friends get married!


-my brother taught me about shooting guns at the range


-spent quality time with my BFFs

-celebrated my Great Aunt’s birthday


-spent a fun evening visiting with the Goods


-the boys and Olive celebrated Halloween looking super cute

-we got a new couch


-and did a few other small improvements to the RV


-we spent a very happy Thanksgiving with friends


-the boys saw Santa


-lots of playing in the back field


-my Mom came to visit us in TX!!!!


-we took my Mom to see the lights at the Houston Zoo

-we celebrated our first Christmas at home with our families since we started traveling!


Peace out, 2018.

2019, show us what you got.

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