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Dear Santa... Friday Favorites, November

Dear Santa... Friday Favorites, November

Dear Santa,

I've been pretty good this year! I was nice to others (even when I didn't want to be). I took my dogs on long walks (almost) every day, and I also made dinner for my husband (almost) every day when he gets home from work. I paid our bills on time, I go grocery shopping (somewhat) consistently, and even went to the gym a few times. Basically you could say I'm #winning this year, so I wanted to write to you and tell you the things I have on my wish list for this year! Thanks, big guy!

Sincerely, Alix

-TOMS (cute AND these are gifts that give back!)


-all the candles from CANDELLES

made in the USA


-the Corgi Patched Hearts crewneck from GIVEAFLUFF 


-GoPro and obviously the dog harness mount!


-this scarf and this sweatshirt from one of my favorites, Pebby Forevee


-Zenned Out is my current jewelry obsession!! I really hope I get one of my favorite pieces below.. (hint hint to my people) (: (grey suede is my favorite for the wrap bracelet!) 



-a custom bar necklace like these from: Made by Mary and the Silver Wren



-this bag by Levi's 


-this silver necklace stack from the Shine Project (read about their amazing story and mission HERE

*(another gift that gives back!)


-this tye dye long sleeve tee from Milo's Wish (another gift that gives back!)



and because this is a WISH list...

-an Apple Watch Series 2 (FYI buy at KOHLS and you can get $105 in KOHLS CASH)

-and a new iPhone 7 Plus while I'm at it (:

Terlingua, TX

Terlingua, TX

Robin's Thanksgiving

Robin's Thanksgiving