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Friday Favorites, October

Friday Favorites, October

I almost forgot October Friday Favorites!

I won't lie. This week has been not the smoothest. It seemed like for every awesome thing that happened, 1.5 crappy things happened. Anyone else have a week like that? And then I was so excited for the first guest post that we did this week, I got sidetracked and forgot that this week is October's LAST Friday!!!! To not flake on what I want to become a monthly series, Joel and I put together a fun little Friday Favorites (: ENJOY! 


Which in all reality, to me that means it’s almost time to start listening to Christmas Music!!!!!!!! (WHOOP WHOOP PARTY PARTY YAHOOOOOOOO! I’m a little excited about that!)

But really, I do love Halloween!! I love seeing all the costumes people come up with! And the best few years I’ve REALLY enjoyed being home and getting to pass out candy at the in-laws’ house (they have PRIME trick-or-treat real estate!) and seeing all of our nieces and nephews dressed up! Joel and I are definitely a little sad that this year we won’t be home to see everyone, so I’m hoping we get lots of photos of their outfits (hint hint sister-in-laws) (:

This month for FRIDAY FAVORITES I wanted to throw some Halloween favorites in!! 


REESE’S! Duh. It’s probably my favorite candy anyways, but I love the single packs people give out for Halloween. One Reese cup is just like the perfect sweet-tooth-satisfier. My Papa LOVES Reese's and we grew up always getting him to share his Reese's cups with us when we were at his house. He always seemed to have some stashed SOMEWHERE (: Everytime I eat a Reese's I think of him! Also, can we all agree that Reese's pumpkins are the best!? If there is one thing better than a regular Reese's cup, it’s a Reese's pumpkin.

*P.S. Thanks Robin for the hilariously cute "BOOS" I used in this photo^^ (:

Actually, thinking about it now, caramel apple pops are tied for my favorite Halloween candy. (the flat ones!) Those things are DELICIOUS! When I was student teaching I used to steal them from my mentor teacher’s student treat box (Sorry kids!) So she went to Sam’s and bought me a whole box! Haha! AND according to the package, these are GLUTEN FREE and PEANUT FREE!!? Which makes it more of a friendly treat to those with allergies/intolerances.



SNICKERS! Joel says: I love Snickers. I know everyone else does too :) What’s not to like about them! The perfect combination of chocolate (everyone’s favorite), peanuts, and caramel. Just writing about them makes me want some! Hmm I think I need to fill up our Escape…. And grab a snickers. Haha. hungry??? Why wait? Grab a snickers :-)


What are your favorite Halloween candies?! Do you have any spooky Halloween traditions? 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! We are FINALLY dressing up for Halloween in a couple's costume and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Be on the look out for picture proof (:

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