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Gift Guide 2016

Gift Guide 2016

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I created this gift list to help you get ideas for any one on your list that you may be stumped about! OR simply send a link to this post to someone you think may need some ideas for you (:

 I LOVE gift giving!! I'm that person that keeps an ongoing list throughout each year that I make notes on whenever I come up with a brilliant gift-idea for my friends and family. I have so much fun coming up with thoughtful, funny, perfect gifts for each person on my list. And I have a TERRIBLE time keeping it all to myself until the big day haha!!! Just ask Joel, I try to give him gifts starting like two weeks before Christmas! He is so patient, but sometimes he gives in (for my benefit, not his own!) I'm cracking up telling you this, because it's 100% true. (I'm bad at waiting to give ANY kind of gift/surprise to people, which you can confirm with my old roomie and my mom too (: )

*and before my friends/family get any ideas, I did not get any of you anything on this list. Those gifts are on LOCK DOWN and, I won't lie, I've got about half of my Christmas DONE already!!!!!! (: BOOM!

So without further ado, here it is!!!!!!


Help for the thoughtful shopper, in search of the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone!

for the STYLE GURU on your list:

  1. Poppy & Fern necklace 
  2. Pandora bracelet  
  3. crystal jewelry (find similar ones to mine HERE and HERE )
  4. Oliver & Otis anything (find out more about them and why I love them HERE)
  5. jean jacket (mine is thrifted, but check out other cool ones HERE and HERE )
  6. TOMS (you can't go wrong with ANY kind of TOMS shoes!) 
  7. Stitch Fix subscription (I love this because it's customizable to each and every person. And the more you use it, the better they are at picking out "Fixes" matching your style. I've never done this because we move so much, but I know a few people who do them and LOVE this service!)

for the CUP ENTHUSIAST on your list:

I have a confession, I'm addicted to cups. I have a pretty extensive cup/mug collection going so far, and I don't see an end in my near future! So here are some of my current favorites that I use everyday from my morning coffee to my evening wine (:
  1. Mason Bar Co. jar/lid/straw (Know someone who adds fruit, essential oils, etc to their water? Get them a Mason Bar cup, and a glass straw!)
  2. Hemisphere Coffee (or any "gourmet" coffee! My all time Hemisphere favorite is Frosty's Favorite, but I've really enjoyed all the kinds I've tried! They sell beans and a few blends online, but stop by their shop in Mechanicsburg, OH to pick up some other blends!)
  3. a cute mug/travel cup (everyone loves an adorable mug/tumbler, they make morning's easier! Find mine in stores around OH by Shop the Direction, but click HERE, HERE, and HERE for some other adorable ones!) 
  4. Eloweezy jar/lid/cozy (perfect for coffee in the morning, I even take mine camping with us!)
  5. Swell Bottle (find out more about Swell bottles and why Joel and I love them HERE

for the CRAZY DOG PARENT on your list:

  1. Pride Bites dog toys (these are the longest lasting dog toys our dogs have EVER had! I'd love to get our dogs some of their customized products sometime!) 
  2. dog socks (find Corgi socks HERE, find Labrador socks HERE, and HERE (women) and HERE (men) are some more adorable critter socks I found!)
  3. Pop Your Pup! shirt (Joel LOVES his shirt with Jake on it!!!!) 
  4. pet portrait by Lea at "Paws Paint Artwork" (follow her on FB HERE and Instagram HERE)

for the ADVENTURER on your list:

  1. hiking boots (or a gift card so they can get their own. I would recommend REI or Dick's)
  2. Tiny Lumber earrings (because you can look cute even outdoors!)
  3. retractable s'more stick (for obvious reasons!)
  4. year pass to the National Parks, or your State's Parks! (this is a GREAT gift idea for anyone you know who loves to travel/explore! OHIO PEOPLE, did you know you can get Ohio State Parks gift cards!? Great for a regular camper on your list!)
  5. LifeProof phone case (These are also great for just plain clumsy people...) 

for the COZY-THINGS-LOVER on your list:

  1. "The Big One" blanket from Kohl's (these are my FAVORITE BLANKETS. And I'm a blanket freak, so trust me on this
  2. TOMS slippers (I got my first pair last Christmas at the TOMS coffee shop in Austin and wear them ALL. THE. TIME. And just FYI, mine are actually a "kids" pair, being at the store I got to try them on and liked the fit of the kids better than the women's!) 
  3. Candelles candles (according to their website these are "100% natural soy wax produced by U.S farmers, all natural fragrance oils, non-treated lead-free cotton wicks, and no dyes!" My personal favorite is the "I Love You a Waffle Lot") 
  4. onesie pajamas (it's like wearing a blanket! which is what I tell Joel when I wear mine (:  Find them HERE and HERE for both men and women)
  5. Woven Pear sock subscription (I have always wanted to do this! Their socks are adorable) 

for the BOHO GAL on your list:

  1. cute scarf (mine is from Pebby Forevee, I love all the scarves she has!) 
  2. essential oils (I personally use doTERRA. The "Beginner's Trio Kit" is a good place to start!)
  3. natural beauty products (I have used and loved Poppy and Pout especially the chapstick! But I really want to try Perfectly Posh, which sells natural beauty products that are made in the USA!) 
  4. Fujifilm Instax camera (and don't forget the film!)
  5. Mieroglyph bracelet (customizable, cute, and made from cork-leather/recycled materials! Use my code LETTERS10 to get a discount!) 

What are YOU most looking forward to gifting this year?! Let me know in the comments!



Happy gifting!

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