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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father's Day is coming up and you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to show a little love to the amazing men in your life! Check out the gift ideas below (all of which are under $50!) and I'm going to include some "experience" ideas too, for those guys that just don't need anymore "stuff" !


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1. bacon pool lounger float (Amazon $22.95)

2. bluetooth portable speaker (Amazon $27.99)

3. portable battery pack (Amazon $29.99)

4. Yeti tumbler ($29.99)

5. Death Star toaster (Amazon $49.99)

6. a tee from a local shop. *favorite OH local shops are:  Tru-Man Brand7Thirty8 Apparel, and Collar Doos (shown above, $24.95)  *Favorite TX place is Oliver & Otis obviously! 

7. key holder (Amazon 6.95 )


Adventures With Dad

Spending some quality time with your Dad can be a great way to celebrate him this Father's Day! (Especially for those fellas that are REALLY hard to buy gifts for!) I love spending time with my family all together, but I always really appreciate 1 on 1 time with them all individually. Or of course, grab your siblings and make a siblings-dad-day out of it!

1. afternoon out to a local brewery/winery

2. picnic and a leisurely walk/hike at a new or favorite local park

3. try a new breakfast place together

4. spend a few hours playing his favorite sport (head to the golf course, batting cages, etc)

5. grab a matinee, and make sure to spoil him at the concession stand! 

6. host an appetizer and game night for the fam

7. get tickets to a local sporting event

8. hit up a local shooting range

9. host a cook-out serving only his favorite foods

10. take him for a pedicure (this one may take some convincing, but all the men I know that have gotten pedicures have LOVED them!)

And obviously since this post is all about Father's Day, I have to brag on my Dad and my Step-Dad!

My Dad is the most hard working, hilarious, and loyal guy I've ever met. He is strong in the hardest of situations, he's always willing to give advice or assistance when needed, and will do anything for his family and friends at the drop of a hat. My dad is kindhearted, smart, and if you ask him he'll also tell you he is ridiculously good looking (insert eye roll from all of us here) He's a guy you can count on no matter what, and I'm so lucky to have him as my Dad. 

Dad, I love you so much and am forever grateful for your constant love and support!


And I'm crazy #blessed to have an amazing Step-Dad, too! Tony is loving, kind, heartfelt, hardworking, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have a better Step-Dad! Tony has always treated me and loved me as if I was his own, and has been one of my biggest fans since the beginning. He's always there to lend a helping hand, wipe tears away, or just to share a nice chat with. (he also gives good fashion advice when needed!) I love you forever, big-T! 

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