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"What Would Nana Do?" 2017

"What Would Nana Do?" 2017

Many of you, my awesome readers, had the pleasure of knowing my sweet Nana (Mary Cordell) before she passed away in 2013. For those of you who didn't know her, let me share a little about her! My Nana was a truck driver for many years, who adored her grandchildren and was a devoted, faithful Christian woman for as long as I can remember. We grew up spending a lot of time with our Nana. From watching movies, family dinners, going on road trips, and even riding along with her in the semi from time to time. Nana was also an AMAZING cook, my favorite meal being her famous french toast

Nana had many redeeming qualities. More specifically, Nana was one of the nicest people you could ever have met. Nana loved her friends and family unconditionally, was full of forgiveness and second chances, and was truly kind to everyone she met. I literally cannot even put into words the kindness that just POURED from my Nana. Nana was selfless in her relationships and was always the best shoulder to lean or cry on. Besides being the nicest person on Earth, my Nana was also a junk-food-addict, adventurous, loved to sing, and was a great friend. 

Nana passed away in 2013, after a hard battle with cancer. Even though we knew that her time with us was coming to an end, it was not easy to say good bye and to come to terms with the fact that her sweet, kind, gentle soul would no longer be on this Earth. Looking back, it still makes my heart ache to think of all of the milestones in our lives already that have been missing her, and the things to come that she would've been so happy to be a part of. 

Nana's pearls that I wore on our wedding day. 

Nana's pearls that I wore on our wedding day. 

What started out as a little inside "joke" with my mom and I turned into somewhat of a mantra. After Nana left us, we found ourselves reminding the other (in all kinds of situations, where it might be easier to be petty or not-nice) "WWND?" (What Would Nana Do?) and it became just something that I used to remind myself to be more like my Nana. To have a heart more like hers which was so forgiving, loving, and understanding. To have it in me to love those around me with a constant, unconditional love. To be just KIND to those around me, even if I was going through a hard time or having a bad day. To live my life with the purpose of being HAPPY and making those around me feel happy, safe, and loved too. 

Nana would have turned 73 this year, on August 17. I'll admit that I'm not the type of person that goes to a gravesite on occasions like her upcoming birthday. Not just because it makes me sad, but mostly for the fact that I don't feel her there. I feel my Nana every day when I feel so much love in my heart that it seems like it might burst, or at the grocery when I pass one of her (many) favorite snacks, or when I hear an old hymn that she used to sing or hum. I feel her when I choose to be a kind person versus something else, and when I (try) to make her french toast for my family that misses her so. It's been hard to be anything but sad when a holiday or special occasion comes along that she is missing, but that's not what Nana would want her family to feel when they think of her. 


So this year, in honor of what would've been Nana's 73rd birthday, I'm committing to spreading kindness. The world lost a beautiful, kind soul when my Nana left us, but I think, with your help, that we can help restore that kindness-balance a little! 

To help me honor Nana, I'm challenging you all to perform random acts of kindness from Thursday, August 10th to Thursday, August 17. After performing your random acts of kindness, you can enter to win a special gift that will be curated JUST FOR YOU! Entering is EASY, and I encourage you to spread the word and get your friends and family to help you in this challenge!! 



  1. Perform random acts of kindness from Thursday, August 10 to Thursday, August 17
  2. Document each random act of kindness with a video or photo.
  3. Post your video or photo to your Instagram feed or Facebook page, and tag Letters From a Good Friend and use the hashtag #whatwouldnanado
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you want for unlimited entries!!

(*If you would like your act of kindness to remain anonymous, just private message me your entry!)

(**If you can't document your act of kindness with a photo or video, just write a little description of what you did in a post on Instagram or Facebook, and still tag me!)

As you get ready to perform your RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, you might be saying to yourself "I have no idea what I should do!?" or "I don't have extra money to spend on other people!" or "This is going to be too hard!" BUT I have solutions for all of those things!! Check out my list below of "FREE" "CHEAP" and "BIG" random acts of kindness that ANYONE could do!! 

*Must be following @lettersfromagoodfriend on Instagram

or "like" Letters From a GOOD Friend on Facebook




  • "heart attack" someones front door/bedroom door (cover it with heart-cutouts)
  • help an elderly person get their groceries into their vehicle
  • make a cute bookmark to leave in a library book
  • babysit for someone you know who needs a break
  • write a list of awesome things about someone (and give them the list!)
  • write a note of appreciation to the local Police Department, Fire Department, a bus driver, teacher aide, etc.
  • leave a happy note for your garbage man/mailman
  • give a stranger a genuine compliment
  • spend time with an elderly family member
  • leave a funny note in a library book
  • donate items to a local homeless shelter
  • leave an encouraging note in the diaper aisle, for a mom/dad to find
  • clean up litter
  • cut a neighbor's grass
  • leave a GOOD review for a local small business 
  • tell a manager when you have GREAT service somewhere
  • visit a nursing home
  • tell a friend why you appreciate them (in detail!)
  • call an older family member just to chat
  • leave an encouraging note on a public bathroom mirror
  • let someone go in front of you in line 
  • walk dogs at a shelter
  • donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter
  • return stray carts to the store or the cart-coral
  • take someone's dog on a walk (someone who you know has been really busy!)
  • give a shout out on social media to someone who inspires you or makes you happy
  • pack your spouse's lunch (and leave a cute note in there!)
  • do a family member's chore for them
  • volunteer somewhere
  • leave encouraging notes in chalk on a sidewalk
  • pray for someone
  • donate blood
  • write a letter to someone who is deployed
  • donate your hair to Wigs for Kids
  • let someone have the good parking spot you were about to park in
  • hold the door for 10 people 
  • do a friends' dishes while you're at their house (or any other chore!)
  • make your spouse their favorite meal just because
  • call or text someone and let them know something that you admire about them
  • run an errand for a friend/family member
  • volunteer to help teachers set up their rooms at a local school
  • give hi-fives to people you pass on the sidewalk
  • make someone laugh
  • help a friend with lawn work
  • send a nice email to someone you don't know very well
  • give a friend's dog a bath 


  • hand out pre-stamped "thinking of you" cards for people to send to someone they love
  • pay for a game of bowling for someone at the bowling alley
  • leave a bag of diapers on the doorstep of a new mom
  • take a homemade meal to a friend, just because
  • Leave flowers by your mailbox with a sign that says "FREE: Take for someone you love!"
  • Give a $5 grocery gift card to the person in line behind you at the grocery store
  • take snacks/treats to the local Police Department/Fire Department
  • send a thoughtful card to someone
  • leave bubbles/chalk/hula hoops at a local playground 
  • "Ding-Dong-Ditch" someone you know (with a box of ding-dongs!)
  • buy a cheap bouquet of flowers, and pass them out to strangers telling them to have a good day
  • leave a few quarters taped to the lid of a washer at the laundromat with a note "for you"
  • leave tennis balls at the dog park
  • tape a bag of popcorn to the redox with a note for the next person
  • send someone a thank you card
  • pay for the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks/Tim Hortons
  • make a neighbor or friend a special treat, just because
  • leave a little happy surprise for your mailman
  • hide dollars (with notes) in the tow aisle of the Dollar Tree
  • pay for a book of stamps for the next person who needs them
  • leave an unscratched lotto ticket taped to the gas pump
  • take treats to pass out at the dog park (as the owners before you give them out though!)
  • leave detergent or softener at the laundromat
  • give your umbrella to someone that doesn't have one on a rainy day
  • leave quarters taped to parking meters
  • make someone a handmade gift just because
  • take a new coworker/member at your church/person new to the area to lunch
  • leave $1 taped to the vending machine at work
  • pack a lunch for a coworker friend
  • ย 


  • mail someone a "box of sunshine" (all yellow things!)
  • leave a $20 gas gift card at the gas pump
  • tip BIG to a waitress/waiter
  • buy lunch for an older couple at a restaurant 
  • bring donuts or cookies to work to share
  • buy someones popcorn/drink at the movies
  • pay for someones gas at the gas station
  • take your spouse on a surprise adventure just because
  • send someone "just because" flowers
  • pass out flowers at a local nursing home
  • surprise someone with a gift that you know they've been wanting
  • donate food to an animal shelter
  • leave a case of waters at the front desk of your gym for other members
  • pay for someone's groceries at the store
  • send pizzas and chips to the local Police Department/Fire Department
  • buy school supplies for a friend/family members student
  • give someone you know tickets to a local event
  • take school supplies to teachers at a local school
  • take treats to a local nursing home or hospital for the nurses there
  • pay for a stranger's pedicure at the nail salon
  • pay for the adoption fee for an animal at an animal shelter
  • pass out free waters at a local outdoor event (think ball parks, running events, etc)
  • donate money to a local charity
  • annonymysly send a family in need a gas gift card/grocery gift card


submitted during this next week!! so I hope you will help me get the word out,

reach my goal, and spread kindness in this crazy world we live in!


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping

honor my sweet Nana!

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new RV park, who dis? (and a Sunshine Blogger Award!)

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