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Friday Favorites, April

Friday Favorites, April

Hey there!! This month has been another kind of crazy one for us.... If you follow me on social media (I hope you do!) you probably saw that we purchased an RV last week!!! AH! George is a 2000 Georgie Boy motorhome and it's been a little crazy getting moved in and situated. We are almost completely unpacked after spending most of the week trying to deal with a small leak we sprung our first night... There is a LOT of RV stuff we still have to learn, but we are slowly getting there!! We are planning on doing some small "renovations" this summer to the inside of George, and I can't WAIT to get started on them!! Do you know/follow any RVers out there?? Message me your favorites so I can follow them, too!! I love reading blogs/seeing pics of people living in their RVs and all the tips they have to share! And of course send me any tips/reno ideas you may have too!  Anyways, that's what we have been up to, just craziness as usual over here!! (:


Recently I received some really fun snail-mail sent by a friend from college!! She wanted me to check out two of her favorite small businesses, one of which is even Ohio-local (like we both are!) I adore both the amazing bracelet she sent me, as well as the adorable card! I placed my first order of cards this week (shipped the same day I ordered! LOVE THAT!), and can't wait to get more of these bracelets soon! (I really really have my eye on a choker necklace! all the heart eyes!) Thank you so much Emily for your sweet package and always being so good about snail-mail encouragement! You're a great friend! 

As seen on Instagram (;

As seen on Instagram (;


Check out what Emily has to say below about these two awesome small businesses!


I was lucky enough to meet Alix in college and work with her.  I am glad that almost 6 years after graduating we still do a decent job of keeping in touch.  We probably owe a solid thanks to Instagram for making that happen.  

Emily rocks Game Day Feels on BOTH arms! These bracelets are THAT awesome!

Emily rocks Game Day Feels on BOTH arms! These bracelets are THAT awesome!

Game Day Feels

So on to what you’re looking for, what cool things are we going to share with you today?  My favorite accessories!  I enjoy watching baseball, which is probably why an ad for Game Day Feels popped up on one of my social media feeds.  I decided I had to check it out, it is a female run company in Ohio and I’m all about stuff from Ohio.  Once I got my first 2 bracelets I was hooked.  The bracelets are made of leather laces, yes like laces on a glove.  I’ve been ordering from them for 2 years now.  So why am I hooked?  I can customize my bracelets; color of leather, quotes, size, etc.  Want one but don’t know what quote to pick?  They have options of quotes for you.  Favorite ballpark?  They have the coordinates.  If there’s a place that’s special to you then you can customize a bracelet with those coordinates.  So many decisions!  It’s tough, I know.  What’s on my bracelets?  I have a few with parts of prayers, some with Bible verses, a few with song lyrics, some of my favorite quotes and a few of the quotes I could select on the website.  I wear at least one each day.  I always wear one of my the religious related ones, the other(s) that day might be to match my outfit or what I need to remind myself that day.  Like a favorite t-shirt, I have a few bracelets that I wear more than others and you can tell by the way the leather is broken in.  It also helps the ladies running this business are fabulous.  They have a quick response rate for questions and the products are awesome.  In addition to the bracelets I have a necklace and keychain.  If you have questions about any of it feel free to send me a message on Instagram! 

Want to make a purchase? 

Use my coupon code for 15% off: Schneider

*follow Game Day Feels on Instagram @gamedayfeels



My other favorite to share with you is cards from Hello Handzy!  It is also a female run company.  I actually discovered them through Game Day Feels when I ordered Valentine’s themed bracelets in 2016.  I have ordered several cards from Hello Handzy at this point and people always comment how cute the cards are.  They have fun options of cards and art prints ; flowers, fruit, cactus, cute sayings, thank you cards, etc.  I even asked them to do a custom sign for my sister’s Christmas gift because she wanted a Wi-Fi password picture for her house.  I’m always happy with their stuff and it’s part of my regular snail mail and thank you card rotations.  

*follow Handzy on Instagram! @hellohandzy


Hope you all get a chance to check out both shops.  Thanks for taking the time to let me share some of my favorites with you! 



Texas Sweet Tees

If you have read my blog (or just know me) you already know that I have a SLIGHT obsession with tees! I collect them from all over (a tee shirt is my FAVORITE kind of souvenir!) and may or may not have a pretty extensive collection so far.... BUT regardless of my tee collection size, Joel (usually) doesn't mind me adding to my collection when he can tell it's a tee I REALLY REALLY love! And that's where Texas Sweet Tees comes in! I have followed Texas Sweet Tees on Instagram for a long time now and have always LOVED their designs and their fun, positive vibe! Well I recently ordered my very first Texas Sweet Tees and I'm OBSESSED!!! If there was ever a shirt that was meant for me, it's this one, AND IT'S PURPLE!!!!! This tee is adorable, so soft, and the shipping was SO FAST! I hope you will go follow them on Instagram and check out their website, I can almost guarantee that you will find a design of theirs that is so you (: 

*follow Texas Sweet Tees on Instagram! @texassweettees


*Want to get your very own Texas Sweet Tee?!

Use my code for 10% off your tee order: ALIX10

p.s. my dogs are obviously model material....

I hope you love these amazing small businesses and that you try to shop small as much as you can!! Have a great weekend!! 

*Unless otherwise stated, I do not receive free product or any other kind of perks for my honest opinion about the featured brands/products! You can rest assured that my opinion is 100% truthful and my own no matter what!*


** If you have any specific questions about any of the brands/products I feature here,

please feel free to contact me!**

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