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February 2018 Guest Post: Bryce's Favorite OH Spots

February 2018 Guest Post: Bryce's Favorite OH Spots

So without going into too much detail about it... I had someone cancel (last minute) on me (two months in a row...) So I've finally given up on her, but was really disappointed because since she just didn't bother to send me her post (or let me know she wasn't going to, or respond to any of my messages/emails about it...) I had NO ONE to do a guest post for this month! And who on Earth could I get to write a great post in less than two days before the month ends?! In steps my sister to save the day! Thank you so much, Bryce, for coming to the rescue! You are by far my favorite sister (;  

Hey, y’all!! I’m Alix’s sister, Bryce! I’m a 23 year old wifey to Mr. Johns, a soon to be mama to a sweet baby girl, a fur mom, & the owner of my small business, Ellen & Marie, where I make adhesive vinyl decals & goods! I’ve done a guest post on Letters from a Good Friend before about essential oils, so this time I’m going to do something a little bit different! Let’s talk about some of my favorite places around Central Ohio that you just NEED to check out!!


#1. Westerville Antiques


This is, by far, one of my favorite antique stores! It’s located right in Uptown Westerville, which is totally adorable, & they have the best stuff for pretty good prices! The pricing on vintage & antique items in Central Ohio can get pretty outrageous, but Westerville Antiques never fails to have some awesome finds that are affordable & in my price range! Bonus- They’re under new ownership & this shop now includes “rustic revamped decor” pieces!

Location: 2 N State St, Westerville, OH 43081

Instagram @westerville_antiques 

Facebook @westervilleantiques


#2. Megan Lee Designs


Also located in Uptown Westerville, this shop creates, makes, & sells their own clothing screen prints & crafts! The screen print workshop is located right there in the store & her designs are also available on Etsy! T-shirts, onesies, & headbands are just a few of the items that are available & come in super cute designs! Definitely worth checking out if you’re into supporting small business!

Location: 22 E College Ave, Westerville, OH 43081

Instagram: @meganleedesigns

Facebook: @meganleedesigns

Website: meganleedesigns.com


#3. Depot Street Coffeehouse


This rustic little coffee shop is located in old downtown Pataskala! They have so many different drinks to choose from & the baked goods don’t disappoint! It seems like they’re always supporting some type of local cause &, if I remember correctly, I believe they also sell artwork (that’s on display) from various local artists! There’s a drive-thru, but if you choose to go inside you won’t be disappointed as the staff is always friendly & helpful! Bonus- the furniture & decor inside is so cute & definitely instagram-worthy!

Location: 36 E Depot St, Pataskala, OH 43062

Instagram: @depot_street_coffeehouse

Facebook:  @depotstreetcoffeehouse


#4. Whit’s Frozen Custard


Also located in Pataskala, Whit’s is more well-known as Whit’s Frozen Custard, which is technically a franchise. The original owners of Whit’s lease the franchise out to different owners that want to run their own Whit’s & in Pataskala that happens to be Sandy! Sandy is so dedicated to her Whit’s & it definitely shows in the service & food! Not only do they sell incredible frozen custard, they also have coney dogs, sandwiches, soups, & drinks! There’s so much to choose from at Whit’s & it’s really inexpensive! The staff is always friendly, the shop is always clean, & there’s a different custard “flavor of the week” every week! They never disappoint!! [Whit's originated in Ohio! The first Whit's opened in 2003 in Granville!]

Location: 564 E Broad St, Pataskala, OH 43062

*you can also find Whit's in 7 other states!!*

Instagram: @whitspataskala

Website: whitscustard.com


#5. PebbyForevee

picture from Pebby Forevee Instagram (click photo to go to the post!)

picture from Pebby Forevee Instagram (click photo to go to the post!)

While mostly online, she does have shop that’s open on certain days for certain times! The PebbyForevee store is located in downtown Pickerington & they’re open Tuesday-Thursday, 10-4 & occasionally on Saturday! Liz, the owner of Pebby, sells screen printed t-shirts, clothing, & accessories! Her t-shirt sayings are the cutest & are also super relatable! There’s the perfect shirt for every girl! She has has her own website & also sells on Etsy! You’ll have to follow along with the PebbyForevee Instagram to get the days & hours for those Saturdays that she opens the shop! Make sure you stay tuned to her Instagram stories as well since they oftentimes include coupons to use on the site!

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Instagram: @pebbyforevee

Facebook: @pebbyforevee

Website: pebbyforevee.com


If you’re ever around Columbus, or Central Ohio in general, I highly recommend checking out any one (or more than one!!!) of these places!! Make a day out of it & hit them all if you’d like! Supporting local & small businesses is my jam & you’re pretty awesome if it’s yours too!

I’d like to thank Alix for having me as guest on her blog, again!! I’d also like to thank you all for reading along & in advance for trying out some of my favorite shops!


Don't forget to go check out Bryce's shop,

Ellen & Marie !!!! 

Instagram: @ellenandmarie

Facebook: @ellenandmarie


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