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Friday Favorites, March: Road Trip Essentials

Friday Favorites, March: Road Trip Essentials

Oh road trips. I've been on more than I can count, and they never get old. Music blaring, snacks, fast food, dirty bathrooms, adventuring along the way. Okay, well not everything about road trips is glamourous. Actually, as much as I LOVE them, road trips bring on some SERIOUS anxiety for me. To try to relieve some of that stress, I do a LOT of planning and list-making to ensure that I can enjoy our road trips, with as little anxiety as possible. There are always still a few bumps in the road (pun intended) but with the right planning (and the right snacks) we always have a lot of fun on our road trips!

The last week of any travel assignment is always stressful. There's tons of packing, cleaning (and dog baths), and other preparations to be done to get ready for a road trip with the pups. There's also the stress of waiting to find out where Joel's next assignment will be. So far, we really haven't had more than a week's notice of where we will be headed to next, and that doesn't leave a lot of time to plan, and most importantly find somewhere for us to live. The travel companies advertise that they will find you somewhere to live during your assignments, however so far our experiences with the places they have found us have not been the best. The past three assignments I have been lucky enough to find decent housing for us myself, but it's always a very stressful process for me. There's a lot of pressure and uncertainty!! But, that's just a part of this adventure we are on!! 



With our next road trip coming up this weekend, I wanted to round up my favorite road trip essentials from snacks to playlists!

What are your road trip essentials!? Let me know in the comments!  



-Corn nuts

-chocolate covered pretzels

-water (staying ACTUALLY hydrated is important!)

-COFFEE (if I remember, I like to pack my own coffee creamer because gas station creamer SUCKS)

-homemade trail mix (Joel's contribution to this list haha)





-phone chargers (car, regular, and back ups ((we have "pocket juice" back ups and they work great!))



-headphones (for when your husband wants to listen to NPR. Find my favorites HERE)

-doTERRA peppermint beadlets

-face wipes (get my favorite HERE)

-chapstick ( get my favorite with SPF HERE, and my favorite natural brand HERE)

-instax camera (for the worlds largest peanut etc! Find mine HERE)

-Bonine motion sickness tablets




-Roadtrippers (to help you find the country's biggest basket, etc)

-Postagram (create postcards using your own photos to send directly from your phone!!)

-Spotify (commercials are a NO-NO on long trips)

-Airbnb (just incase you need to stop somewhere along the way)

-Google Maps (my preference for any and all maps needs)

-GasBuddy (tells you prices of gas stations nearby!)



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