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December Guest Post: Silver Lake Sand Dunes

December Guest Post: Silver Lake Sand Dunes

HELLO!! I'm really excited to get back to hosting a new guest on the blog every month!! This month's guest is Erin who also has a really awesome blog "Erin At Home" (go check it out ASAP!!) where she has a lot of great posts about DIY, RV projects, and more! You'll love following her on IG too, so make sure to look her up @erin.at.home You'll love seeing her adventures, projects, and of course her adorable pups! Thanks Erin for being on my little blog!!! (: 

Hey guys! I’m Erin and I’m so excited to share my first guest post with you! First off, I feel the need to divulge that I’m not a writer, in fact I’m terrible at English altogether. So if you see a rogue comma it’s because I don’t get them. Don’t judge, you don’t either… like why is there such a thing as an oxford comma and why does it exist?! I also have the tendency to tell 23 side stories before getting to the point. See, I’ve done it already :)

So a little bit about me. I connected with Alix on Instagram because we have many common interests like RV renovations, traveling, snail mail, mid-west roots and most importantly we’re both crazy dog ladies! My boyfriend (Nic) and I have two insane pups, Jill and Harvey. I could write the rest of this post about our dogs. But I’ll save you the agony and just share this picture with you because dogs make everything cuter. Ahhh (big heart eyes emoji), you get it now!

Erin guest post 1.png

I started to wrack my brain for topics to write about. First, I thought I could discuss design, DIY or renovations but that’s what my blog is about. So if you’re interested in that sort of thing, head over to erinishome.com or my Instagram @erin.at.home and you can see our renovated motorhome, before/after home renovations and other DIY projects.

After I crossed that off the list I started thinking about what else to write about. Finally, it dawned on me. I had to share a destination that is becoming a yearly tradition for us. Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It combines dogs, RV traveling, friends, family, dune buggies and the mid-west. What more could you want?! I could continue writing but let’s be real no one actually reads blog posts, they just look at the pictures or scroll to the bottom for recipes…AM I RIGHT? So here it is-

Erin guest post 2.png

Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a 2,000 acre state park about an hour NW of Grand Rapids. The dunes are considered a natural phenomenon but they are actually the product of deforestation in the 1800’s. The landscape changes every year due to shifting winds from Lake Michigan.

Now the cool part is that 450 acres of the park are devoted to an ORV area. It is heavily regulated by DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) but thousands of people still visit the dunes from April to October with Labor Day weekend being the busiest. It is the most chaotic and thrilling place to be though.

erin guest post 4.png
Erin guest post 5.png
"test hill"

"test hill"

The rest of the dunes are mainly trails that you can wonder through but there is one section leased by Mac Woods Dune Rides where you can take a ride through the Dune without enduring the crazy gearhead crowd. 

erin guest post 8.png
erin guest post 9.png

Little Sable Point Lighthouse is on the southern end of the park. You climb up to the top for great views of Lake Michigan and the Dunes. This is also where the beach goers tend to spend time with their families sunbathing or even going in the freezing water. (Sorry I’m a Florida girl so you will never see me swimming in Lake Michigan). Pets are also welcome here as long as they are on-leash.

erin guest post10.png

That’s all I have for now. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Silver Lake or anything else in general. Thanks for letting me share this unique destination with you all!


XO Erin

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